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Quality policy

An excerpt from our quality manual:

We consider complete customer satisfaction in all business areas as the basis for a healthy growth of our company and a fundamental precondition for future orders.

This ranges from the competent and friendly advice given and care shown, to the deadline loyalty of contract  processing and extends to the flexible and short-notice implementation of desired modifications that take into account the stipulated product requirements.

This quality management manual defines our quality principles, the guidelines and instructions of which must be observed and implemented by all those within Herrmann CNC-Drehtechnik GmbH.

Our aim is to be a competent partner in the area of CNC turning technology.

Our aims our:

  • to respond quickly to queries
  • to process contracts/orders reliably
  • to achieve a high level of precision in the manufacture of CNC turned parts as well as the additional manufacturing possibilities such as milling and gear hobbing
  • to observe agreed delivery dates
  • to keep reject parts or customer complaints to an absolute minimum
  • to constantly improve the processes and sequences in order to optimise the efficacy of the QM system


Only by all employees being quality conscious can we fulfil our obligation to produce quality products that satisfy customer expectations.

Errors should be avoided before they occur and not detected, listed and remedied after they appear:

  • Every employee is obliged to assure product quality as part of the stipulated quality requirements, like, for example, quality standards or other agreements with the customers.
  • Every employee is authorised to point out problems which can influence the quality of the products or suggest measures to initiate their remedy.


The management has set itself the task of monitoring and evaluating the stipulated quality principles and the implemented quality management system.